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We seek to share vital information with the community and help patients, families, caregivers and community members improve understanding of Sickle Cell Disease.

Working Together in Unity

Our Mission

  1. To educate the community at large about Sickle Cell Disease.

  2. To support Sickle Cell research at area hospitals.

  3. To provide moral and psychological support to Sickle Cell clients and their families.

  4. To assist families and individuals of the Triangle area with utilizing existing community resources.

  5. To assist health care providers.


Our Mission


Co-Chairmen: Kamila Dancy & Leroy Ediage

Secretary: Marilyn Sanders

Treasurer: Richard Suggs

Reporter: Valerie Sumner

"I have Sickle Cell,
Sickle Cell does not have me."

Support Wake County Sickle Cell Support Group Chapter, Inc.

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